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What is Mila Malo?

Mila Malo is a new service created to help parents keep up with the pace at which their babies outgrow their clothes and still dress them with style, while reducing the impact it has on our planet.

At Mila Malo, we believe there is a better way to build a stylish baby wardrobe than over-consuming and most likely wasting clothes that won’t be used to their full potential.

That better way is to give parents access to our shared closet! With us, you can add cute, quality styles to your baby’s wardrobe, and keep it evolving with their growth and the seasons, all while embracing the practice of collaborative consumption at the same time.

The origins

Mila Malo’s idea first came during a discussion between French couple and founders Stephanie & Jerome as they were spending the holiday season in their home country with their then-3-month-old baby girl.

Along with all the challenges and learning that parenting brings came the realisation that it is really difficult to build a wardrobe that always contains styles that you need and like, and that grows with your baby, while still avoiding overconsumption and waste.

Through a strong will to find a solution to every parent’s struggle, Mila Malo was born. And let’s be honest, it was created for the founders as much as it was for you :)

A stepping stone

Mila Malo was shaped over several months as we, its founders, were learning to be new parents, travelling around the world, working full time, and expecting our second baby (almost Mila Malo’s twin!). It finally launched in early 2019 in Vancouver, BC, our home for the past few years.

The first version of Mila Malo is what we think is a good starting solution to a point of pain that we have identified as parents. We’re still dealing with the challenges and constraints of launching a new business, however, and as we grow, we will leave plenty of room for listening to our members, evolving, and getting better; we already have plenty of ideas!

we believe
small changes can make a big difference
Our mission
Give parents the flexibility they need to dress their baby with style while respecting our planet.
Our values
At our core, Mila Malo is all about Impact, Enthusiasm, Respect, and Commitment.
Our promise
We deliver a variety of choice and like-new experience to parents from our optimistic and respectful community, in a sustainable way.
Our vibe
Always more projects, always more learning, always more grateful, always more respectful, always more fun!

Sizing Guide

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