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What they say about themselves

"The Billieblush brand reflects CWF (Children Worldwilde Fashion)’s ambition to meet the demand from the children’s ready-to-wear market for a practical, trendy, and affordable product for girls aged 0 to 12 years.

This balance between style, quality, and competitive pricing means Billieblush is the perfect complement to the group’s range of licensed brands.

Billieblush offers a collection befitting the lives of the little girls of today, who are sassy and stylish but never affected!

Billieblush is a fresh, romantic, and smart brand for young dreamy girls, providing  access to a fun and wonderful world! The brand creates a girly universe with funny messages and playful and offbeat details for modern princesses!"

Why we carry them

Billieblush, like its sister brand for boys, Billybandit, allies French fashion know-how and fun designs. Their collection is always surprising and refreshing, especially if you are up for originality!

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Sizing Guide

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