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What they say about themselves

“I am Carrément Beau. Born of the vivid imagination of French designers, I love telling beautiful stories. Childhood insouciance is my source of inspiration. I knit and unknit the codes of classic fashion to offer a poetic, elegant and refined collection. Mine is a world of timelessness, in which special attention is given to colours and detail.”

Carrément is a typical French word from Children vocabulary. Daring and impudent, it means “so” or “extremely”. Literally translated, “carrément beau” means “sooo beautiful!"

Carrement Beau’s vision is all about poetry, Parisian influence, nostalgia,  modernity, and an echo of childhood, all suggested in a unique and immersive setting. They love quality, subtle, and smart fabrics & colors.

Why we carry them

For all the reasons they say! We found all their styles "carrement beau"/"sooo beautiful". Elegant and poetic, the ethos and style baked into their DNA are definitely to Mila Malo’s tastes.

Their fabrics, along with the designs and finishes of their collections, are just amazing. And they last!

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Sizing Guide

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