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Mila Malo gives you access to its shared baby closet through a recurring membership and a monthly selection that you build yourself by picking the styles you like on our website.

Once you are a member, your account is set up, and you have picked the plan that fits you the best, you will automatically be charged each month so you can focus on the excitement of building your selection! To do so, you browse our catalogue online and create a wardrobe with any styles you like (up to a certain amount, according to your membership plan). You can decide to receive only new styles with your next shipment, or to keep part or all of the selection you already have at home.

Once you selection is confirmed, we will let you know when you can expect delivery, so that you can get ready to return your previous shipment.

It’s that simple!

For more details, go to our Our concept page.

With our service, you can add to your baby’s wardrobe, make sure their clothes are always the right fit, and gain access to quality, exclusive brands while still reducing waste.

For more details, go to our Our concept page.

At this time our memberships are structured on a monthly payment cycle, which means you are billed every month and that you are able to build 1 selection between 2 billings.

We hope one day we will be able to offer you the chance to build selections more than once a month, and are working hard to build an inventory and website features that will allow it.

Each month, you can decide to either receive only new styles with your next shipment, or to keep part or all of the selection you already have at home. That means you can keep a specific item from one month to several months, you choose!

For more details, go to our Our concept page

You are able to build your next selection as soon as your monthly recurring payment has been processed.

We have priced our plans to allow you to expand your baby’s closet in a sustainable way, and at a lower cost than if you had to buy all of our pieces yourself. Unlike fast-fashion, we carry high-quality pieces designed to last, and we are also currently sourcing only from French brands, which have great experience and expertise in designing fine, beautiful styles adapted to your baby needs.

Building a well-tailored closet for your baby usually means overconsumption and waste, - because babies grow so quickly, quality clothes that no longer fit are often cast aside even if they’re still in top condition.

The Mila Malo baby closet is like a shared wardrobe, and every time you use styles from its closet, you are saving the energy and emission that would’ve been used to produce a new piece, and you use clothes closer to their full potential.

We also try to make our processes as sustainable as we can. At this time, we use only natural products to clean our clothes, source hangers made out of recycled paper, and have designed our shipment boxes so that you can reuse them for return.

Even so, we can do much more to make our business more sustainable, and we have plenty of ideas for that. We’re still a small company, unfortunately, and we can't win every battle, but we are committed to make our business more and more sustainable as we grow.

To give parents the flexibility they need to dress their baby with style while still respecting our planet. For more details, go to our About us page.

At its core, Mila Malo is all about Impact, Enthusiasm, Respect, and Commitment. For more details, go to our About us page.

This is not part of our business model, but if you wish to buy an item from us at full retail price, please contact us.

At the moment, we source all our styles from French brands. Originally from France and young parents ourselves, we - the founders of Mila Malo - know these brands for their quality and finely-designed clothes. We also think this is a good way to give you more diverse options for baby clothes than you might currently have available to you!

All of the brands we carry are listed on our Our Brands page.

Our referral program is not live yet, but it should be very soon. Stay tuned!

At this time, Mila Malo is an online only service.


Although the items you receive with your shipment are not brand new, we’re committed  to making sure you get all the excitement and pleasure of receiving like-new, beautiful styles to dress your baby. This means you receive items in perfect condition. We thoroughly green-clean and hand-check all the pieces that are returned to us to make sure they are in perfect condition for the next customer. If we are not able to bring them back to a satisfying condition, we remove them from our inventory and prepare them for recycling or donation.

Our pieces are cleaned in-house, with methods and products that respect the planet, the clothing items, and your baby’s skin. We use only plant-based detergents, in as little quantities as needed. We also pre-wash the toughest stains by hand with traditional and 100% natural Marseille soap - yes, the same kind you receive with your first order!

For more details on Marseille soap, go to our Marseille soap page.

Upon receiving monthly returns, we clean and thoroughly hand-check all the pieces to make sure they are in perfect condition for the next customer. If we need to repair them, we make sure we use techniques and materials that match the initial design. If we can't repair them, we remove the pieces from our inventory and prepare them for donation or recycling. Once the items are cleaned and in perfect condition for the next customer, we iron them (only if their design and composition allow it) to make sure they are at their best and ready to make you happy.

We always make sure pieces stay in mint condition. All the items you receive at home are cleaned and cared between two orders. We recommend that you don’t clean the pieces if it’s not needed: it’s better for the planet, for the fabric and for your baby. The Marseille soap you receive as a gift with your first shipment is always an amazing option for occasional stains or full hand-cleaning (please refer to the ‘What is Marseille soap and how do I use it?’ section). If you absolutely must have an item machine or dry cleaned during the time you have it at home, please follow care instructions on the tag. Please note that most of our coats CAN'T be machine cleaned.

All the items you receive at home are cleaned and cared for between orders. We recommend not cleaning the pieces if it is not needed: it’s better for the planet, for the fabric, and for your baby. However, for occasional stains and gentle hand-cleaning, the Marseille soap you receive free with your first order is perfect (please refer to the ‘What is Marseille soap and how do I use it?’ section)! Please follow care instructions on the tags if you absolutely must machine clean a garment, and note that some pieces CAN’T be machine cleaned at all.  

The wear and tear insurance is included with your membership, which means if a style is stained or damaged due to regular use, you don't have to worry: we will take care of it.

However, we do ask you look after the clothes you have at home as if they were yours. If an item is returned to us in a condition that gives us reason to believe it was damaged due to neglect, you will be charged for the amount we paid for the item.

Yes, all the items that can be ironed will be ironed prior to being sent to you. However, some pieces are made of materials that don't allow ironing. They are designed to look great even without it!  We carefully package these picks so that they still look fresh and cared-for upon receipt. If you are dissatisfied with our shipping process, please contact our customer service through our Contact us page.

Used for centuries in France for skin and body care as well as laundry, the Marseille soap is famous for being hypoallergenic (no dye or perfume), recommended by dermatologists to fight against dry skin, super economical to use, and biodegradable in less than 28 days.

The green soap you receive free with your first order gets its green colour from its rich olive oil content. This soap is recommended in the bathroom for cleansing the body and face, but is also used as a great natural laundry soap as it is an ultra-effective stain remover for all types of spots. Along with the olive black soap, it also has many lesser-known uses,  from getting rid of moths, to preventing night pain, and even being used as toothpaste! If you are into amazing natural products, the Marseille soap will quickly become your best friend (if it hasn’t already!).

To remove stains with Marseille soap, simply rub the soap on a damp cloth or sponge, or even directly on the surface you want to treat, apply, and rinse well. To remove a stain on a piece of clothing, rub the affected area with a barely damp Marseille soap to form a crust on the stain to treat. Let dry, then rinse well or wash as you normally do. Tip: don’t use hot water because it will “dye” the stain into the fibres of the garment.

If you wish to hand wash your clothes with Marseille soap, fill up a bucket with hot water and grate, dissolve, and mix Marseille soap in it until you get a milky and foaming liquid. Leave your clothes in this solution overnight and the soap will do most, if not, all the work. Rinse well, of course!

For more details, go to our Marseille soap page

The Mila Malo tags you can see on all clothes that come from us are part of tracking system.

Composition and care labels are really important for us! They’re how we and other members know how to clean the clothes appropriately. Please don't remove them from Mila Malo clothes, even if this is something you usually do with your own clothes.


To enjoy our service, select a plan and become a member through our Become a member page. You will then be able to start building your upcoming selection.

At the moment, we offer 3 different memberships that all give you access to any styles of our catalogue and include  selection per month. The only difference is the number of pieces you can enjoy at home at once. For more details, please go to our Become a member page.

None! Although we hope you embrace our concept and want to keep using our service, you are able to cancel your membership through your online account at any time. You won't be charged for the upcoming month, and we will organize the pick up of the selection you currently have at home. To cancel your membership, go to your online account or contact us directly.

As soon as you have purchased your membership, and up to 1 selection between every 2 payments.

Yes, you can combine 2 or more memberships. At this time, as our system doesn't allow you to automatically add another membership to your account if you already have one, please contact us through our Contact us page and we will do this for you.

We will be happy to walk you through the process over the phone. However, be aware we will still need you to share your payment details so that we can set up the recurring payment for you.

You can't upgrade or downgrade your membership through your account yourself, but we can update it for you at any time. The change will be effective after your next payment. Please contact us through our Contact us page.

If you cancel your membership, we will contact you to schedule a pick up of the clothes you currently have at home.

Our gift cart option is not available yet, but it should be very soon. Stay tuned!

You can message us through our contact form, as well as via email or phone. You will find these details on our Contact us page.


Our website uses the payment gateway Stripe to process your recurring payment securely. We don't have access to your payment details; Stripe encrypts and saves them securely, and is able to charge you for us each month, on the monthly anniversary of your first payment. You will receive confirmation of payment by email. If you want more details about Stripe, click here.

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and prepaid cards

You can use a discount code when purchasing a membership. To do so, just enter the code in the discount code field available at check out before validating the purchase.

If one of your recurring payment is declined, you won't be able to build your next selection. Please verify your credit card details and the information provided in your account. In addition, please contact your bank to make sure you are able to successfully make purchases. Our system will automatically try to process the payment again every day for 6 days.


Our website has been designed to make it easy for you to build your next selection. Adding new styles is as easy as shopping on any typical ecommerce website, just click on the “Add to my Selection” button on the page of a  product you like. If you wish to keep some or all items you currently have at home, go to your minicart (cart displayed when you hover over the cart icon at the top right-hand corner of your screen) or cart (by clicking cart icon at the top right-hand corner of your screen) and use the “Return”/“Keep” buttons to let us know which one you want to keep and which ones will be returned. Just keep in mind that the number of items you keep plus the number of new styles you add to your selection can't exceed the number of items included in your membership. Once you are ready, validate your new selection and follow the steps. You will be ready to receive your new selection!

While browsing our catalogue, items that are not available at the moment are displayed at the bottom of your screen and have a greyish color. Their “Add to my Shipment” button will be disabled. Any other style is available to be added to your selection! But don't forget: items will only be saved for you when you confirm your next selection, so some items might become unavailable to you if someone else confirms their selection with the same item before you do.

All our memberships allow you to add any styles you like to your selection, as long as the total number of items doesn't exceed what your membership includes.

You will receive a confirmation email shortly after confirming your shipment on our website. If you don't receive any emails within 2 hours, please contact us!

Each brand we carry has their own size chart, available on our website. Please refer to the size chart linked on each product page to make sure you pick the size that will fit your baby. You can also go to our Sizing guide page.

At the moment, we don't provide that option.

You won't be able to make any changes to your upcoming shipment once you have confirmed it. However, if we have not processed your shipment yet, we might be able to manually update it. Please contact us!

At the time, all our memberships include only 1 selection per month, and you won't be able to rotate the pieces you have at home until the following payment. However, if there is any issue with the products you selected upon delivery, please contact us asap and we will do our best to bring our service to your satisfaction.

If you can't build your selection, it is very likely you have already built and received a selection at home for the current billing period. You will be able to build a new selection as soon as your upcoming recurring payment has been processed and you have received an email confirming it. If you need to know when your next payment will be processed, please access the information through your online account.

Products are not reserved for you until you confirm your selection. If someone else chooses the same item and confirms their selection before you do, the product will become unavailable to you.


To ensure quality of the delivery, we are currently only using our in-house service to hand-deliver your shipment to you.

As we are still a small company and are handling deliveries ourselves we unfortunately can't deliver to every area every day. Once you have confirmed your selection, you will receive it the next day we deliver to your area, which will be within 2 to 5 business days. We will send you an email or a text once your shipment is ready so we can organize delivery with you.

No, they don't. It’s important to Mila Malo that you always have a selection at home to enjoy. The items from your previous selection that you want to return don’t need to be sent back until you receive your new shipment.

When building your new selection, you choose which items from your current selection you want to keep or return. You will have to prepare and pack the ones you select for return so that they are ready for pick up when we deliver your new selection. We recommend that you keep our delivery boxes so that you can reuse them when the time comes to return items. Easier and more sustainable!

At the moment, our in-house delivery team serves only Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and New Westminster (BC, Canada).

Deliveries are made between 9:00am and 5pm during weekdays. Once you have confirmed your next order, we will contact you to inform you of the delivery day and set up a 2-hour time frame to make sure you are present upon delivery :)

As we want you to be able to enjoy our service with no disruption, we don't ask you to return the clothes you have at home until you receive your new selection.

To help us maintain that service, we ask you to make sure you return your previous selection upon your new delivery.

If you do miss a pick-up, we will have to organize for you to drop off the pieces at our location in Vancouver, BC, or charge you $15 for a new pick-up.

We offer a grace period of 5 business days from the delivery of the new selection for late returns. If we still haven't received your return items after this point, we will have to charge you $2 per item per late day upon their eventual return. After 30 days, we will consider the item(s) lost and will charge you for their full retail price.

If you lose an item we will have to charge you for full retail price of the item. Please contact us as soon as you know the item is lost so that you don't have to pay late fees as well.

Yes, of course, as long as the address is within the area we serve. Just make sure you give us all the details we need for a successful delivery, and don't forget to have the items you return ready for us to pick up.

At the moment, we don't ship internationally.

We don’t ship to P.O boxes; please enter a valid residence or company address for a successful delivery.

We do not require a signature for delivery, but please make sure you give us all the details we need for a successful delivery if you wish to arrange a personalised delivery.

You can access your order history and status in your account. If you suspect that there is any issue with your order, please contact us.

You can track our order status in your account. However, we don't provide shipping tracking numbers.

We unfortunately can't allow more than 1 delivery per month, and you won't be able to exchange styles before your next shipment. Please make sure you refer to the size chart of each brand we carry before adding a piece to your selection.

We recommend you reuse the box you received with your previous shipment. Just place the items you have selected for return into the box and get ready to give it to us upon delivery of the new selection.

While this is the easiest way for you to return your previous shipment, you can also provide your own package for the return (please make sure the pieces are acceptably packed). Don't worry, we will know that this is your shipment thanks the unique SKU numbers we use on each item.

Shipping is included in your membership, and you receive and return your selections at no extra cost.

If what you receive doesn't match what you had selected, please contact us as soon as possible.

In the event of a delivery problem with your selection, contact us as quickly as possible to inform us of the issue.


You can cancel your membership any time through the “Manage my Memberships” option in your online account. Once you have cancelled your membership, we will organize pick-up of the items you have at home.

You can access your current as well as your previous selections through your online account. Just click on the “Show”/“Eye” button to see more details.

Your login is simply your email address. If you have forgotten your password, just click on the “Forgot your password?” option when trying to log in and follow the steps.

You can update your delivery addresses through the “Manage my Addresses” button in your online account.

Simply click on the link, “If you do not wish to receive our newsletters any more, click here”, located at the bottom of each newsletter.

Sizing Guide

To make sure you are adding correct sizes to your selection, we invite you to refer to these charts provided by the brands we carry.

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