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What they say about themselves

Frangin Frangine is above all a story of mothers, children, and families. It’s a  creative and authentic couture brand for our children who go through every day with style. Created in 2009 by three moms inspired by their little ones, a spark was all it took for their know-how and complementary skills to give birth to "Frangin Frangine".

The brand offers a range of stylish and retro clothes for the wardrobe of your children. All their pieces are designed in Paris.

Aude Aubron and Mylene Kiener, fans from the start, took over the brand in 2017. It's their last baby!

Frangin Frangine believes that childhood must remain a carefree, happy, imaginative, noisy, confident, and free time. A childhood made up of tribes, vacation homes, siblings, mates, laughs, hot chocolates, fireside card games, barefoot waves, secrets, hiding places and cache covers, edentulous princesses and knights in short breeches. A childhood where children look like children: they will have plenty of time to dress like grown-ups.

Frangin Frangine homes radiate life, joy and shouting, brothers who adore and bicker. They’re homes that are life, love, joy and lot of smiles.

The brand always offers nice surprises... Follow the adventure!

Why we carry them

We are very proud to be carrying this creative and oh-so amazing brand. We love their etho and would buy from them just for that reason! We also love the elegant retro style of their pieces, which are designed with unique taste and high-quality fabrics. They perfectly represent original French fashion, and we’re always excited for their new collections to be released!

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