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What they say about themselves

Since it was created over 25 years ago, IKKS has proudly proclaimed its status as a French fashion house and highlighted its differences. The brand has managed to carve out a strong identity around mix & match fashions, constantly seeking the right balance between elegant style and a relaxed look. Much more than just a product, IKKS today is an all-encompassing concept, state of mind, and lifestyle.

Aimed at Boys & Girls aged from 0 to 18 years, IKKS Junior offers young children a creative and fashionable wardrobe, rich in inspiration and continually renewed.

Why we carry them

We love how IKKS surprises us each time we browse their collection. They always reinvent themselves while still keeping that unique touch that lets you know it’s IKKS.

This French brand definitely checks the boxes that are important to us: quality and style.

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