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Our brands

As of today, Mila Malo carries only French brands.

Not that we don't believe we can find amazing brands somewhere else, but we had to start somewhere, and creating a selection from French brands to launch our service seemed like a natural first step. This is partly because Mila Malo co-founders are French and familiar with French brands, but also because these premium brands are great advocates of fine design and high quality, which is exactly what we want to offer you.

This is also the perfect opportunity to introduce you to  selections and brands you might not be familiar with, and that you deserve to explore!

Get to know a bit more about each of these brands and why we carry them by clicking on their logo below.

You can also browse our catalogue, which is always the best way to see what they do!



Sizing Guide

To make sure you are adding correct sizes to your selection, we invite you to refer to these charts provided by the brands we carry.

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